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Social Justice In Science

Together with Drs. Shauntelle Cannon, Anahita Mehta, Lina Reiss, J Tilak Ratnanather, Viral Tejani, and Tanvi Thakkar, I initiated the BIPOC-CSD network, a network built for and by people of color working in the general area of Communication Sciences and Disorders. We are currently writing a grant application to support our efforts. Here is an interesting paper I read recently on the "Diversity-Innovation" problem: long story short, women and minority scientists innovate more but those innovations don't get cited/propagated in their fields, so the world loses out on these innovations. It's absolutely URGENT to change the mindsets of the majority community, the visibility of BIPOC scientists, clinicians, and engineers, and the opportunities available to them at all levels. Here is a link to our current page on the BIPOC-CSD network:

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New grant! After a couple of years of trying, our R01 grant application was scored so well that you can't really get much better of a score, so we're excited to get going on our proposed experiments.

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